Exploration – Central Asiatic Expeditions

Exploration | A Visual History Exhibit - Roy Chapman Andrews

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“Paleontology is the Aladdin’s lamp of the most deserted and lifeless regions of the earth…”
~Roy Chapman Andrews

The Central Asiatic Expeditions (CAE) of 1922, 1923, 1925, 1928, and 1930 heightened Andrews’s worldwide fame. As with his earlier zoological expeditions, political and social upheaval, civil war, and marauding bandits made exploration particularly dangerous. The potential scientific discoveries, however, drove Andrews to explore this new Mongolian land (Figure 1).

A fraction of the discoveries during the expeditions are highlighted through a series of photographs (Figures 2 through 10).

Andrews wrote two books that relate all of the major findings from the CAE: On the Trail of Ancient Man (1926) and The New Conquest of Central Asia (1932).