Introduction | A Visual History Exhibit - Roy Chapman Andrews

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The Roy Chapman Andrews Society was formed in 1999 by a group of Beloit residents to build awareness of one of the 20th century’s most famous explorers.

Our mission is “to inspire scientific discovery by engaging with contemporary explorers who exemplify the legacy of Roy Chapman Andrews, Beloit’s native son.” Each year, the Society’s Distinguished Explorer Award (DEA) recognizes an explorer/scientist for their outstanding achievements that offer new insights into previously unknown or poorly known topics.

The Society has also advanced our mission by offering scholarships and activities to inspire students to consider careers in science, while keeping the spirit of Roy Chapman Andrews alive in his hometown.

A Visual History of Roy Chapman Andrews, Beloit’s Native Son

As a tribute to Andrews and to chronicle his adventures and discoveries, the Society and the  Beloit Public Library have partnered to create this exhibit that highlights various aspects of Andrews’s life. Each banner showcases a different theme, beginning with his early years in Beloit and ending with his legacy of ongoing Distinguished Explorer Award recipients. The exhibit also includes a display of artifacts, many of which come from the personal collection of Andrews’s granddaughter, Sara Appelbee. We hope you will enjoy learning more about this famous international explorer and scientist who is regarded by many as the inspiration for film character Indiana Jones.

This exhibit is made possible by support from many organizations and individuals, beginning with a generous grant from Wisconsin Humanities. Additional funding and in-kind support was provided by Philip Currie, Saandar Mijiddorj, Sara Appelbee, Clive Coy, Ann Bausum, Stateline Community Foundation, Neese Family Foundation, Beloit Historical Society and members of the Roy Chapman Andrews Society.